" It was great to hear someone that was focused on the healing effects/aftermath of taking ayahuasca. I have never done it, but am seriously considering it. I traveled throughout South America a few years back but found that I wasn't ready during that stage of my life to focus so deeply inwardly. I've recently started focusing on my own healing journey and I think ayahuasca would be a great addition when I am ready."

     Sarah Kreuz, artoftheunknownpodcast.com

Dear Sarah,

You give us a wonderful example of intuitively knowing when you're ready for an ayahuasca ceremony and when you're not. People often ask me, "Should I?" My usual response is, "Wait until you feel called." Some people start dreaming about Grandmother Ayahuasca or about actually being in a ceremony. Others respond to synchronous opportunities when they arise. There is no 'right' way. Just be sensitive to your own inner sense of when attending a ceremony seems like the right thing to do at the right time. Don't push yourself or do it because friends are going or feel that you 'should.' Trust your inner instincts.

Also, for whatever reasons, this medicine is not right for everyone and that doesn't imply any spiritual judgement. If your intuition tells you that this medicine is not your ally, don't do it. And  trust your decision; don't second-guess yourself. 

I understand these kinds of spiritual decisions are vague and mysterious. How do we know what direction to take? Or when? This is the classic question of discernment. I'm currently reading a book about the St. Ignatius process of discernment: "...good decision making is a combination of faith and reason. You trust your heart, as one Jesuit once said, but use your head, too."