Old Patterns

Dear Rachel, 

I listened your talk about ayahuasca and the after care. It's really intriguing. I found myself and others been to many ceremonies but after ceremonies still fall into the same pattern but didn't really address the deep deep issues. I feel like I misuse the medicine. Would you please help me with some clarity how can I use medicine in the most effective way to heal myself and help others.

thank you

Dear Quan

I appreciate your concern that you might not be making the best use of your medicine experience, getting to the deep deep issues.

One of the reasons I wrote Listening to Ayahuasca was to help people work with their ayahuasca experiences, giving lots of therapeutic examples from my own life as well as from people I've worked with. So my first suggestion is, read the book - it will give you much more information than a podcast interview. 

Check out Spontaneous Visionary Experiences in this section of website. I give lots of suggestions for how to work with visionary experiences. Same suggestions would apply to ayahuasca visions and give you creative opportunities to express, expand, and share your experiences.

Lastly, consider finding a therapist and I know how difficult this can be in terms of time and money as well as finding one with entheogen experience. But there's no substitute for on-going psychotherapy with periodic ayahuasca ceremonies. That's a very powerful healing combination. 

I hope these suggestions are helpful.